​Finding the right cleaner for your stone can be hit and miss. We have a few favorites that we have found that work great!

  1. 409 - Stone & Steel

  2. Weiman - Granite Cleaner & Polish

  3. ZEP - Marble, Granite, & Quartz Cleaner

  4. Weiman - Granite Sealer

You can pick up these reasonably priced products at your local hardware store. if you have questions, please feel free to ask your installer.


 ​​Care and Maintenance for Your Stone 

Caring for your Granite is crucial to keep its appearance for a lifetime. Here are some tips on keeping your Granite looking wonderful!


  • Do clean surfaces with mild PH neutral detergent or stone soap​

  • Do thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing​

  • Do blot up spills immediately, sealers help resist stains, but they are not immune to everything.

  • Keep your stone sealed on a regular basis. We recommend re-sealing every 1-2 years for granite. Quartz is not sealed.


  • Don't use vinegar, lemon juice, bathroom, grout, tub, and tile cleaners that have acidic properties on your stone​

  • Don't use abrasive cleaners such as dry or soft cleansers

  • Don't mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas


Spills: Blot with a paper towel immediately. Do not wipe the area, doing so will spread the spill. Flush the area with water, and dry it with a soft cloth and repeat the process if necessary.

Please do not attempt to fix a scratch, chip, nick, or stain on your own, doing so may make the problem worse. Please contact a TVG professional to ensure your issue is resolved correctly.


If you have any questions or concerns pertaining your granite counter tops, please contact us.