Recycled Granite Fire Pits

Why use Granite pavers?

Each year, thousands of tons of granite scrap is introduced into our landfill. By simply utilizing granite scrap to create pavers and fire pits makes it possible for us to recycle our materials! Our granite fire pits are a LEED contributing product recognized by the United States Green Building Council.


Granite pavers are the most durable available. They are able to withstand up to 24,000 psi and are highly resistant to harsh weather, heat, salts, scratching, fading, and chipping. Our recycled fire pits are outstanding for longevity and easy maintenance.


‚ÄčInstallation is simple, just lay pavers in the desired pattern over sand or concrete and you’re done! Polymetric sand is recommended for the joints and seams.

Granite Fire Pits

Our granite fire pits come in a round option. They are easy to assemble and are affordable! These fire pits are great for family fun and your backyards’ center piece!

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**TVG does not deliver or install fire pits. Customer must pick up from our location**